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Warmth Candle Company

Vanilla Cream Candle

Vanilla Cream Candle

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Introducing our captivating Vanilla Cream candle, an essential addition to any space, year-round.  Envelop yourself in the timeless allure of this perfect vanilla, a sophisticated gourmand fragrance that transcends seasons. With exquisite notes of vanilla bean, buttercream, and cake, delicately balanced by a whisper of bourbon, this candle creates a serene and inviting ambiance wherever it burns.  Treat yourself to the classic beauty of Vanilla Cream and elevate your senses and your home today.

Top notes:  buttercream
Middle notes:  cake, vanilla
Base notes:  bourbon, sugar

Approximate burn times:
3.1oz - 30 hours
7oz - 50 hours

NO phthalates
NO carcinogens
NO mutagens
NO reproductive toxins
NO organ toxins
NO zinc
NO lead
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